The standard today in this engine for stock is the exhaust cam of 70-9989 and the intake of 70-3134 that is used in this engine as new in the first picture. Moly Cam Shield should always be used as in the last picture. This bike has been upgraded with new cams and lifters. The 70-8801 lifters with the 3/32nds flat on the stem were used. The smaller flats were better timing for the oil flow. The cams should have nominal fit up and down and end float can be down to 0.004 inches.

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The next two pictures are the cams taken out of the engine. These are great cams. They could have been used but new were decided upon. These cams and the corresponding lifters are for sale. They can be sold with the bike if of interest. They are really nice. They are extremely hard to find if not impossible to find. I think British Only may have one set. These only need polishing. The preliminary measurements are: HERE

Use these!

Use these!

Moly cam shield should always be used on cams and lifters.

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