New Premier Carburetters (British sp) are the way to go.

Av Gas Anyone

The new Premier Amal Carbs are a treat. Get them. I live at 6000 ft and have been spending a few months on them. Finally, got them running well. The bike performs so great! I had to find that out at 6000 ft. with 15% humidity, 0.060 over and Av gas and going up to 8000 ft the beast needs 2.5 slides, 105 needle jets and it goes. I switched out the paper filters for the washable metal ones. A lot better. Almost don't want to take the filters off and run leaner. More tuning to run right. Too fast already for this old timer. When I go to lower altitude will need to carry jet holders with 106 needle jets and 190 mains.

These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they will be worthwhile.


As seen in this picture above paper filters were changed for washable ones. They breath a lot better.


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