Wheels and Spokes

If you don't have a wheel stand then you have to use your bike. Look at the first picture. Notice the broken wheel hub by spokes being too tight? Check the link below to read about what Mr Healy says about tightening. This wheel has a 1969 embellishment cover and is not my wheel. Stainless steel spokes by Buchanan work nicely. They even threw in one extra spoke. It takes a lot of patience to get these older rims right. Again, there is no way I could have remembered how the pattern on the handed rear wheel was set up if it hadn't been for John Healy's TIOC web site's Technical Articles. The internet sure made this old work a hobby now and so much easier to get information. I got a new embellishment cover. My bike has a 1969 front wheel because it was the upgrade for the brakes. It fits well with the early leglug.

Shine it!

The rear axel nut is designed to be even on both sides.


These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they can help.

In the next row the fourth picture to the right shows someone did not use the right part. They had left out the screw. I had to buy it. Definitely use shielded bearings with these wheels. In the rear wheel if you leave out the shims because the shields are there that will effect how the wheel sits on the axel. Lots of problems with this bike. The front wheel was balanced on the bike w/ Ride On.


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