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Parts is a business in itself

At least I knew enough about the changes Triumph went through in the 80s. I went to England in 1982 and went to the Meriden factory just before it shut down. At that time they were selling off new old parts to try to raise money. There was the accountant and a few workers getting some 750s ready for a show. This was the end of the line. While there I met Mr. Tony Cooper, owner of TMS Nottingham, and was invited back to his shop. He was at the factory buying up all the old stock. He had about 3 lorries shipping loads to his shop. I remember one lorry was full of crankshafts. Wouldn't I have loved to work for him, even now. Quite an enterprise he had and was a super nice person. Got me hooked up with some parts and I still buy them from him. Martin works with him and is great on the phone. The parts for this bike came from him.

Link to my order from TMS NOTTINGHAM . (It is probably best to download it in edit form.)

The bags seen in the pictures are how we stocked where I worked. It was routine to know right where everything was to be able to keep up with the customers...oh my, how I wish I could relive those days!

Parts Heaven

These springs are the progressive replacements. Nice ride. Can you tell which way is up? Doesn't matter.


When the guide block was removed it appeared that one of the flanges was brazed on. I think this was a good bodge as I cracked the flange so you can see the weld. It probably would have held up but since I was in so far I thought to replace it. Apparently, in those old days parts were scarce. The following gallery of the single parts were replaced. The grab rail has to be the right one for the J hinges of the seat. The spring abutments were replaced for the newer ones eliminating the cute wires for the earlier ones. If water gets in I will revert to the originals. The fork stem sleeve nut I chose to replace by a chrome one.


These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they may be worthwhile.


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