The tank looks great!

It took a long time to find a great painter. Finally found one in my area. Tucson has the best painter I have ever known. This gentleman is Mr. Ed Carlson, 520-400-7528. He paints cars also. He painted this tank for a very reasonable price. When I came to check on him he threw in the kneepads for free. You could have knocked me down. I was extremely pleased. He's a great guy to talk to and know. He is always working but does stop to chat for a few minutes. He paints for museums: He loves his work and it shows! Frame is later.

Getting it down

These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they may be worthwhile. The second picture was a test to find the decals that would work under Imron clear. This was difficult. The only decals that worked were from Classic Transfers in England. These were definitely the best. I think she has a method for them to work with lacquer also. Notice in the pictures of the oil tank that the background is black. It has to be sanded to very fine about 1200-2000 or 3000 grit. Then it has to be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Then when the decal is applied it will show the black through the decal. Otherwise, it will show white areas if more grit. It should be left 24 hours before spraying. The painted oil tank is from a 1969 as Triumph did away with the original 66. I do have it available but will probably sell it with the bike if someone wants to be specific. I also have two tanks for the bike. One Slimline and the other the larger. Caswell liner in gas tank set up a week.


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