Oil Filter

Hiding under the downpost

See the metal pieces. I am really glad I did put one on. 20 miles at this point. Make sure you check any new (or old) carburetors for manufacturing swarf or debris first. The installation of the oil filter was difficult. This is one that has been around as the wide winged thing. I had to do it on an angle. Luckily, I had a work out mat to lay the bike down. Won't do that again but it is fine now. On the 69, I went for the muffler clamp and it was much better. Had to grind down lug on 66 downtube to fit the filter. Replaced the oil pump with the later larger capacity. Part # E6928.

Genitalia per TR6Ray

This picture shows those little pieces of metal. So glad I did go through the effort. This is after 20 miles. Don't want to see this again.


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