Different Heads

Triumph 650 Head

Can you guess which 650 head this is? Seats are way too sunk in. Cheap work I guess. Just get them on the road and watch the back of their head leaving the shop. Some people used this cupping to help a worn out head. I think it was good for the old days when you had to get to work in Orpington and the speed limit was only 45-50 MPH. If I ever find a TR6 or TR6R that I want to repair the seats will get replaced.

TR6 Head

The next two pictures will show what vapor blasting, correct spring height and new seats can do for you. This is what it is all about. This is where the power comes from. There are only a few left that can do this type of work. A three angled valve seat and a 650,000 USD computer. I would like to recommend Mr Leo Goff from Memphis Motor Werks in TN as he is one of the best. Don't spare expense if you want reliable rides and want to see what these bikes were intended to do. The head had already been skimmed a little but Mr Goff compensated for it. I only had to use 0.025 crush on it and it is tight as a drum. Cov Seal rocker box gaskets do not leak. Works a treat as they say. I will resize to smaller if anyone wants. The copper gasket is 0.040 and after heating sprayed with copper containing paint. Per Mr Goff the bulge shown on the head gasket is a result of not fitting to the oversized barrel. He suggested a sander dremel.The last large picture shows a head with a seat missing.

TR6 Head

TR6 Head

Have you ever seen a head with the seat removed? Makes one wonder what one is looking at. What is it?

Trimph 650 Head

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