Frame and Fenders

The fitting of a fender can be troublesome. Didn't find a good original. I have a used original. If I can find someone to repair it I will do it. They are stainless steel. I found the polish for it from Andy at Tri-Cor. He has closed the main building. Glad I got a catalog from him before moved his operation home and now functions as Andy at Tricor-Andy. He is always helpful. He sold me the last two stainless fenders made on the original equipment from the factory. He put a concours polish on them. They look like chrome. Someday may install on the Bonnie but probably include them with a sale someday if the price is covered. The swing arm bushes were worn out. I had a friend who had a hydraulic press and we got them changed. A bear of a job. The powder coating was done by a local professional.

Starts to look like a bike!

The safety wire was hard to do. I may tighten it up if it gets loose.

Safety Wire

The rear fender worked out well.


When the front end was taken down look what was found in the bottom of the fork leg. This leg was loose and wanted to fall off. Yikes! Glad I checked. The bolt into the restrictor was GONE and the restrictor burnished the steel!!

Safety Wire

The 1969 oil tank is a great update. Shaped the frame bracket for the tower hose attachment.
Transfers were as I remember them from originals we had on the shelf.

Safety Wire

These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they may be worthwhile. The fork damping sleeves and swing arm bushes and sleeves were replaced. Oil filter visible. The coil clamps and condensors set up for the large gas tank. Fitting parts. The cases were vapor blasted by a guy in Oregon. His work is the best. New case bearings to be installed. Bolt on top behind timing side of case is for an alternative breather for racing.


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