Well, maybe not bodges.

I am putting this picture up again. I wanted you to see the seat. It is a 1969 seat. The person who mounted it originally had to bend the pan a lot to get it to fit the frame as he did not use the J hooks but decided to use the 1969 hinges. Really upsetting as at the time I couldn't find an original seat pan. Then I recalled that we used to use a 5/8 inch thick piece of metal under the J hook of the front hinge to the seat. It allows the seat to sit just right, hence, this pic showing how it fits to the tank.   Next picture is the spacer.

Hot Sun

J Hook and Step

This is the 1969 seat going together. I really liked the seat. It was much more comfortable for long rides than the earlier seats. The original sides were rotted and the top was the only good part. I had an upholsterer replace the side piece. Then had to stretch it back over the foam. The sun helps with the stretching. Again, there is no way I could have done this if it had not have been for the help given from:

Mr. John Healy's TIOC web site's Technical Articles

Getting it down

These are the gallery of pictures. Click one. At the bottom of the pics will be a menu to bring you back here or go to the Homepage. Later in a restoration they will be worthwhile.

In regard to the last two pictures of rocker spindles from the rocker page: The channels to get the oil to the holes of the rocker arms from the misplaced oil channels on the original spindle as in the first picture should be opposite the holes in the spindle as in the second picture. On the Brit Bike Forum in the hundreds of thousands of posts somewhere Mr. John Healy mentioned this. He said to look at the holes in the spindle and the rockers and alluded to the fact that there was a reason for slow oil flow to the topside. For years the little bit of oil that came up was enough. I have seen the very hard surface of these spindles worn down. Certainly the rocker adjusters and balls wear fast. I was worried about the diameter of the oil channels I filed but the engine seems to love the oil and does stay cool. Quiet too! I learned how to rewire the alternator from the postings of:

Mr. RF Whatley on the Brit Bike Forum.



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